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We serve children, youth and families from under–served communities, veterans struggling with reintegration, individuals and families challenged by homelessness, men and women returning from prison, and people battling addictions and substance use.

We focus our efforts on our most vulnerable populations; from young to old; from the newly afflicted to those enduring a lifetime of suffering. Every day, we combine deep compassion, highly effective programs, and an unshakable belief in each person’s innate health and strength.

Children Children

VOALA services for children place an emphasis on Education, Literacy, and Health. The skills and confidence gained from our programs promote a stable home life and ensure a smooth transition into... learn more

Youth Youth

With the help of family, school and community, today’s youth has a greater possibility of shifting their own futures to become self-sufficient leaders of tomorrow. Volunteers of America offers... learn more

Families Families

A strong family is the backbone of a healthy and productive community. With the main focus being stability and self–empowerment, our continuum of family services address Housing (emergency,... learn more

Women Women

Women and children make up 76% of people living in poverty. We offer a wide variety of programs for women including female veterans, single mothers, victims of domestic violence, women challenged by... learn more

Adults Adults

Our specialized programs for adults provide relief and support services to men and women in need. We implement best-practice program models that successfully meet the needs of people who are... learn more

Veterans Veterans

VOALA programs address the myriad issues facing Veterans and their families including depression, anxiety, PTSD, TBI, substance use disorders, homelessness, unemployment, and lack of education. Our... learn more

Today's Youth = Tomorrow's Leaders

There is a tremendous gap in educational attainment between America's highest and lowest income students, despite similar talents and potential. In order to foster and maintain a healthy economy as well as compete globally, the United States needs a strong, educated, and competent workforce. Our Youth Education and Empowerment programs are making a difference for youth from LA's under served communities.

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