“We are in the midst of a highly teachable moment. There’s no doubt that this period will be referred to for the rest of our lifetimes.  We have a chance to go deep, and to go broad. Globally, we’re in this together. Depth is being forced on us by great suffering, which as I like to say, always leads to great love.”

~Richard Rohr


VOALA cares about the health of our community, the health of our clients/participants, and the health of our employees.

VOALA continues to maintain it’s essential and important services especially with our shelters and residential sites that serve the homeless, Veterans, youth, and families during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic while adhering to the LA County Health Officer Orders.

Here are some of the ways that we continue to protect our employees, clients, and participants:

  1. Enforcing social distancing measures by requiring clients/tenants and employees to be separated by at least three (3) feet from others
  2. Requiring staff to handwash for at least 20 seconds regularly
  3. Disinfecting the work environment several times a shift
  4. Posting signs that reinforce social distancing, infection control measures (cough/sneezing protocols), handwashing, and what to do with signs and symptoms of illness
  5. Adhering to communicable disease control recommendations provided by the County of Los Angeles Department of Health
  6. Transporting clients showing signs of illness to the nearest health facility for their triage and care
  7. Adhering to new requirements as they are presented to us during these changing times

We are proud of our employees that are on the frontlines of serving our most vulnerable clients with continuity of services while maintaining welcoming, safe, and healthy facilities.

Their acts of service truly are gifts to those who so need us during this time.


References:  LA County Public Health


Health Officer Orders (English)

Health Officer Orders (Spanish)

Social Distancing

Handwashing (English)

Handwashing (Spanish)

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What you should know (Spanish)



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