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22 April, 2016

According to, “as people and corporations around the world become more ‘green’ they in turn expect the non-profits they support to also take proactive steps to protect the environment. The benefits are twofold: the global environment improves as a result of the nonprofit sector taking action; and nonprofits become part of...

INNOVATION: Blue Butterfly Village

21 April, 2016

BLUE BUTTERFLY VILLAGE Blue Butterfly Village is VOALA's innovative 73-unit 2BR townhouse community located in the San Pedro area of Los Angeles County. All 73 units are subsidized for homeless families. Veteran families receive a preference for 61 of the units. 12 units are reserved for families eligible under the MHSA program. We house many...

Finding a Better Future: From Runaway to VOALA

6 January, 2018

Sahar tells her powerful story of going from being a runaway to finding Volunteers of America Los Angeles. "I was running away from the abuse," Sahar says. "In my household, I was one of the two females living there. I was never a human being; I was property. I felt a lot of anger, and it came from the cries that they never cared to...