North Hollywood Garden Apartments, 6724 Tujunga Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91606

What is the project?

The North Hollywood Apartments Project is part of a new VOALA transitional housing program.  The project will add 49 new one- and two-bedroom housing units, along with additional parking.


What’s the purpose of the project?

The new units will be prioritized for families whose life circumstances have left them without a place to live. VOALA will oversee and provide supportive services to these families in need to help them get back on their feet and move into permanent housing.


Where will the new units be located?

These new units will be placed behind existing units. Construction of the new units will be done in phases to minimize any disruption to existing tenants.


When does construction begin?

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin sometime in 2023.


How will this affect my apartment?

The construction will not affect your apartment.


Will this affect my parking space?

YES. Tenants will receive a letter with a new parking location when construction starts in their specific area.


How long will the construction take?

Construction will be done in phases to minimize disruption to tenants.


Will the community garden still be available?

YES. The community garden will remain during construction.


How is this being funded?

This project is being funded through a partnership between the State, the County, and VOALA donations.


Will this project affect my rent?

This project is not related to your rent.


Who can I contact if I have concerns or more questions?

If you have any concerns or further questions before or during construction, please call (888) 684-NOHO (6646)


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This project is partly funded by the County of Los Angeles

Additional PDF documents:


PDF Flyer   •  Tenant Letter   •   Neighborhood Letter   •   Media Release 


PDF Flyer   •   Tenant Letter   •   Neighborhood Letter   •   Media Release

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