What Our Students Are Saying
Student Quotes And Video Testimonials

“Talent Search gives me opportunities to get free services when I need it and even with the COVID-19 outbreak, they are always upping their game when it comes to helping out their students. They’ve welcomed me with open arms since the day I signed up and they’ve been nothing but informative and supportive. They always want to keep you on track and check up on how you’re doing 1-on-1, which I believe is very important. Finally, I know they will have my back when it comes to applying for college. They will help me in every way they can, and I’m grateful for that. I’m happy in Talent Search.”

— Talent Search North Hollywood Student

“Without Upward Bound, I would have been lost and confused on high school and opportunities beyond high school. Upward Bound has taught me that the additional resources will always be available, but a person that takes advantage of these resources is a person that is willing to grow. It made me branch out and seek for more opportunities in my educational and social life. As a person it taught me time management and running on a schedule. Participation and dedication to Upward Bound has inspired me to reach my full potential and has given me the confidence I need in order to succeed in my college journey.”

— Upward Bound North Hollywood Student


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