La Casita

Location(s): Downey

Southern California Alcohol and Drug Program

Residential treatment facility provides Substance Use Disorder treatment for mothers with their children, as well as pregnant and postpartum in a residential setting. The program combines substance use treatment, counseling services, life skills, onsite employment development, healthy meal planning with a dietician and parenting education, while also providing counseling services to the children residing within the program. Program services are extended to all members of the family.

La Casita is a member of the Los Angeles County Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System provider network. As a Certified Drug Medi-Cal Provider, the program provides residential Substance Use Disorder treatment to women and their children.

La Casita first opened in April 1996 as a demonstration project funded by the federal government to provide substance abuse treatment for women and their children. La Casita is a peri-natal residential program.

Women are assessed using the full American Society of Addiction Medicine Assessment and receive the following services: Education and counseling groups, individual counseling sessions with Substance Abuse Specialist and/or a therapist, case management, transportation, and random drug screening. Services will be provided, free of cost, to Medi-Cal and My Health LA qualified individuals who meet medical necessity. Assistance with enrolling in Medi-Cal or My Health LA programs is available.

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