Outpatient Services

Location(s): Downey

SCADP Outpatient Services is part of the agency’s extensive services for men and women and provides Substance Use Disorder treatment for those who do not require residential treatment. Provides assessments, individual counseling, group counseling, treatment planning, case management & referrals, and mental health therapy referrals. Bilingual services available, including monolingual Spanish.

Southern California Alcohol & Drug Programs Outpatient Services is a member of the Los Angeles County Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System provider network. Individuals seeking outpatient treatment services are assessed using the full American Society of Addiction Medicine Assessment and receive the following services: Education and counseling groups, individual counseling sessions with Substance Abuse Specialist, and random drug screening. Services will be provided, free of cost, to Medi-Cal and My Health LA qualified individuals who meet medical necessity. Assistance with enrolling in Medi-Cal or My Health LA programs is available

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