Positive Steps

Location(s): Downey

Southern California Alcohol and Drug Program

Program provides residential Substance Use Disorder treatment to homeless men and men with a long history of criminality. Assessments, individual counseling, group counseling, treatment planning, case management and referrals, and mental health therapy as needed. Through evidence-based SUD treatment and mental health counseling, promote pro-social lifestyles, and sobriety while decreasing the likelihood of rearrests in the ex-offender population. Clients are linked to medical resources and affordable housing opportunities while receiving SUD treatment and mental health counseling.

The Positive Steps is a 47-treatment bed men’s residential treatment program established in1994 and is a member of the Los Angeles County Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System provider network.

Men seeking treatment are assessed using the full American Society of Addiction Medicine Assessment and receive the following services: Education and counseling groups, individual counseling sessions with Substance Abuse Specialist and/or a therapist, case management, transportation, and random drug screening. Services will be provided, free of cost, to Medi-Cal and My Health LA qualified individuals who meet medical necessity. Assistance with enrolling in Medi-Cal or My Health LA programs is available

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