INNOVATION: Battle Buddy Bridge

Battle Buddy Bridge (B3) is an peer-to-peer initiative designed to provide outreach and care management to Veterans struggling with homelessness throughout LA County.

Heroes helping Heroes

Armed with a continuum of immediate services available through VOALA programs as well as partnering community and government agencies, Battle Buddies are able to facilitate access to resources for heroes in need. This VOALA program is made possible through partnerships with AmeriCorps and UniHealth.

At the core of the initiative is the power of the inherent trust and shared experience among Veterans.

The program leverages the distinct talents and perspectives of veterans to facilitate direct access and service to other veterans who experience problems adjusting to life after military service. Through intense outreach and comprehensive community engagement, Battle Buddy teams reach individuals and gently walk with them through the processes necessary to acquire transportation, food, benefits assessment, legal assistance, mental health care, housing, and more.

B3-72California Congressman Xavier Becerra met with Veterans from the VOALA Battle Buddy program in Boyle Heights to see first-hand how this innovative program is transforming lives.

VOALA programs address the myriad issues facing Veterans and their families including depression, anxiety, PTSD, TBI, substance use disorders, homelessness, unemployment, and lack of education. Our support helps Veterans overcome the barriers that stand between them and a stable, secure life. Mental health, housing, employment and case management is at the core of our Veterans programs. 

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