Military Appreciation Month

Military Appreciation Month

VOALA specialized programs help veterans without shelter get back on their feet

Veterans often miss the structure and sense of team the military provides, and adapting to civilian life can be difficult for numerous reasons. Nationally, nearly 40,000 veterans are without shelter on any given night. California has the highest estimated number of veterans experiencing homelessness, with almost 11,000 living without any shelter—and more than 3,000 homeless veterans residing in Los Angeles County alone.

But statistics don’t tell the whole story. Veterans risk becoming homeless for multiple reasons. PTSD, substance use disorders and mental health issues, unemployment, depression and anxiety, traumatic brain injuries, and a lack of affordable housing are all potential contributing factors.

VOALA can help.

“VOALA is always here to provide services that help veterans get back on their feet,” said Ryan Grady, VOALA Assistant Director of Operations. “We’re here to help veterans overcome the barriers between them and stability and security.”

VOALA cares for each veteran as a whole person, providing compassionate, specialized services that meet Veterans’ unique needs.

And VOALA not only provides emergency, transitional, and permanent housing. Veterans also receive specialized support that may include case management, life skills counseling, employment training and referrals, financial assistance, treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, and help with obtaining VA benefits.

“You think your situation is too much, and you’ll never find a solution. Sometimes you just need a little help,” said Eli, a veteran who experienced homelessness. “VOALA will guide you along.”

VOALA services for Veterans include but are not limited to:

Veteran Peer Access Network (VPAN) – connecting veterans to fellow veterans who help them navigate the VA and other complex systems;

VOALA Veterans Transitional Housing Program in San Pedro – helping veterans overcome the barriers to stability;

VOALA Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) – assisting low-income Veterans and their families with homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing services.

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP), also known as Helping Veterans Receive Paychecks – providing immediate transitional housing and helps Veterans receive job training and employment.

HUD-VASH provides long-term case management, clinical and supportive services, and permanent housing assistance.

For information, visit VOALA Veterans Services.


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